Filipina Women


There are quite a few reasons why a man may chose to visit the Philippines or even move there.

He may be retired and want his pension or Social Security money to “stretch” further.  This isn’t a bad thing to consider because the cost of living in the Philippines is considerably lower than in the United States.  It isn’t as cheap as some may claim, but you can live very well on one or two thousand dollars a month (especially if you are single).  A lot of retirees find that they enjoy not having to worry about financial matters quite as much and they can just relax and reap the benefits of a lifetime of hard work.

Younger men may decide that they simply want a new adventure.  They may not have the financial security of a retirement plan set, but that’s probably not what they are after.  Some of them know that in today’s economy you don’t have to do a 9-to-5 job in order to make a living.  Many of these guys have successful online businesses.  Southeast Asia has in fact become a hotspot for those who work in the SEO industry.

Another reason guys may want to come to the Philippines is the tropical climate.  It is a great place to go if you are tired of cold weather.  There are some great beaches where you can sit back and enjoy the tropical sun and watch the waves massage the sand.  You may even be interested in something like parasailing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.  These and other adventures await you in this tropical climate. 8699054598_37ab23e7c9_b

But we shouldn’t ignore one of the main reasons that Western guys love to come to the country: Filipina Women (Filipinas).  They are simply some of the most gorgeous people that you will ever encounter.  More than one man has found himself smitten by a Pinay beauty even if he never intended to fall in love.

Filipinas have physical features that many men from other parts of the world are crazy about.  They are petite and their dark skin/eyes are a wonderful change of pace if you are from a part of the globe where this is less common.

But the appeal of the Pinay goes deeper than her external beauty.  Filipino women also have some personality and character qualities that make them very desirable as girlfriends and wives.  They are more traditional in their thinking about family and have a desire to become faithful wives and dutiful mothers.  Filipinas can be very hard workers and often do everything in their power to contribute to the well-being of their family (both their immediate family and their distant relatives).  They are also not shallow in their selection of men–they want to find a man who is loving and stable so they aren’t always so hung up on just his physical appearance.

The Philippines is a beautiful country full of beautiful women.  What else could a man ask for he is thinking of finding a home away from home?  Think about this if you are considering leaving the West in pursuit of a different quality of life elsewhere.  I think you won’t be disappointed if you give it a try.